Sell the Value

"Our salespeople don't know how to 'sell the value' of our products. They are too transaction-oriented and not 'strategic' or 'solution-orientated' in their approach."

Does this sound familiar? Even in the best of companies, there are often inconsistent views about the value proposition, how to position the offer, and how to best capture the value through effective an pricing strategy.

Contexed offers executives of Sales, Marketing, and Product Management the support they need to focus on customer value and how to close deals sooner as a result. Too often, sales managers impose, and salespeople accept, the "norms" of their company's selling process and sales cycle. Reps take meetings that don't advance the deal or, worse, ones that result in frantic calls in to Product Management or Engineering to add an unplanned feature or drop the price (or else "we risk losing this big account!")

Contexed brings extensive experience developing content and supporting Product and Field Marketing through the evaluation and refinement of sales support materials, creation of new tools and value metrics, and high impact training that will focus and accelerate your sales professionals on more effectively establishing and communicating the value of your products and services.