What is TechMark?

At first glance, TechMark might be seen as simply a business simulation - a fictionalized business environment within which class participants come together as teams of managers, each responsible for taking over for an under performing (fictitious) business. 

Each management team is charged with improving its company's business results over a period of several business quarters. Through an iterative process, the instructor facilitates a series of business decision-making, including strategic and tactical planning, implementation, measurement, reporting, and market performance analyses. 

Participants are introduced to real life decision support tools such as financial statements, positioning maps, market research, and the like. Depending on the goal of the course, the content of a TechMark-based program can be tailored to meet the specific professional development needs of the group. 

Unlike other simulations in the market today, TechMark is not a stand-alone, "input-output" software application. Instead, TechMark provides a platform for teaching and a coaching-centric approach that focuses on developing each individual's skills as a business leader, manager, and member of a high performing team.

In contrast to the case method of teaching and other 'experiential' exercises, TechMark creates a learning environment where the participants are immersed in a realistic business situation, employing real business analysis tools, while responding to realistic, global market dynamics where ambiguity, time sensitivity, and competitive pressures impact their ability to execute successfully. 

Why is TechMark-based learning better than text books, online modules, or other, traditional means of learning?

Quite simply, it's the immersion and coaching-based approach to teaching that has been proven most effective.

For example, rather than simply memorizing the Balance Sheet Equation:  

Assets = Liabilities + Equity

students must actually read and interpret their company's balance sheets, develop cash flow forecasts, and assess their risk of poor inventory management! With little-to-no experience with accounting or financial statement analysis, participants will quickly develop the business acumen they will need to succeed in their 'real world' jobs!

If a team is already fluent with finance and accounting, then the instructor might choose to focus on team development, interpersonal and leadership skills, or systems based problem solving.

Everyone from undergraduates to seasoned executives from all types of businesses and backgrounds have been taught using TechMark - the complexity and topics are driven by the unique needs of the participants in each program and no two sessions are ever the same.