Market Research and Surveys

How big is the market? Why has our sales cycle slowed? What will my best prospects require of our products in the next 18 months? These are just a few of the many critical questions a growing business or entrepreneur must answer with reasonable confidence before embarking on a major planning or product development initiative.

Contexed brings large firm consulting sensibility to every survey, interview, focus group, or customer visit no matter if it's online, on-site, or via web- or teleconference.

From simple "Win-Loss" analysis to more complex, large scale research affecting pricing strategy or new product development, Contexed works directly with its clients to develop the research methodology that best fits their immediate needs - we don't skimp on collecting the "nice to know" anecdotes, but we'll never sacrifice the vital, "need to know" information!

Contexed specializes in delivering research results and recommendations that are actionable, not academic.