Knowledge that Matters

Contexed enables business leaders to acquire and apply knowledge that matterssm for growing their top-line, improving their bottom-line, and developing their next-in-line managers and executives.

Acquire:  For senior executives and line-of-business managers, Contexed offers strategic planning, market opportunity assessment, sales enablement, and management consulting services that will drive revenue growth and increase profitability.

Apply:  For our Academic and Workforce Development Partners, and for Talent Management and Strategic HR professionals, Contexed develops and delivers state-of-the-art management education and executive coaching programs that can be delivered either on-site or online. Our collaborative approach includes the option of re-branding our content to seamlessly integrate with your other organizational training and development programs. 

Contexed = context:  Knowledge, put into proper context, creates competitive advantage. Successful organizations bring Contexed into their most important planning, decision making, and talent development initiatives. Our clients are better-positioned to build a sustainable competitive advantage in their markets and to attract and retain top talent that thinks critically and takes action.

Our team has extensive experience delivering business training, entrepreneurial and executive development programs for individuals and global employers across cultures, including for employers and educational institutions in China, Saudi Arabia, Europe and across the U.S.